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The Millionaire League  Millionaire League


Brian Wynn’s Millionaire League sounds like a typical online scam. Having the word 'millionaire' in the title, I was a bit standoffish about the product. To me, Brian Wynn seemed like a fat millionaire who would sit in the corner of his mansion counting his money busily. But when I read more about this, and spoke to some of my colleagues, I realized how worthwhile this product was. 




The Millionaire League isn't a scam, but you do have to go through all of the training manuals and videos provided, and you do have to put in a lot of time and effort to see results. In a  month’s time, I was able to draw my first paycheck – A cool $2000! Good enough to buy me a PS3, ha! This is when I upgraded my membership to VIP and surely, the steps provided here in the VIP Section are much more advanced.


Here is my recommendation -  If you wish to enroll with the Millionaire League as a newbie, get a Regular Membership. This should be good enough for you to get your feet wet. Once that happens, go for the VIP League, post which there is nothing stopping you from making money on autopilot and loads of money at that.  



If there is a slight area of opportunity for this system, it would be in the fact that the guide presents a lot of information to people who sign up. As a newbie, information is good, but you also want some implementation steps, which will take you through to exact to-dos and don’ts of money making opportunities. Apart from this though, there is not much to ask of the Millionaire League. It achieves almost everything it sets to achieve. A recommended product for anyone who desires to make money over the Internet!